Manorama Yearbook

First published in 1959, Manorama Yearbook is an annual knowledge encyclopedia by the Malayala Manorama Group. The Manorama Yearbook is published in English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil and Bengali editions. The original remit of the Yearbook was to bridge the knowledge divide that existed in society. Over the years, the Yearbook has proved to be the perfect guide for students by presenting unique perspectives on general knowledge and current affairs. By providing a competitive edge to students and guiding them through exams such as the Civil Services, UPSC and defence, the Yearbook has changed the lives and careers of lakhs of people across India. Manorama Yearbook’s online edition will complement the print version by providing daily updates on current affairs, special stories, expert opinions, quizzes and mock tests for students to stay on top of their game. 





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