• India
  • Jul 17

Defence ministry launches AI-powered grievance management application

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh launched an Artificial Intelligence-powered application developed by the ministry and IIT-Kanpur to improve grievance redressal in the central government.

The release of this application marks the introduction of AI-based innovations into governance and administration. This project is the first of its kind initiative of the government for using AI, data science and machine learning techniques in grievance redressal. The success of this project in the ministry of defence will pave the way for extension of this application across other ministries. 

Highlights of this AI-application:

• Given that lakhs of complaints are received on CPGRAMS portal (Centralized Public Grievance Redress and Monitoring System portal) of Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances, this application will have great use in understanding the nature of complaints, geographies from where they emanate and policy changes which can be introduced to create systemic improvements to address these grievances. 

• This AI-powered application will automatically handle and analyse the complaints of the people and would reduce human intervention, save time and bring more transparency in their disposal.

• The AI tool has the capability to understand the content of the complaint, and identify repeats or spams automatically.

• Based on the meaning of the complaint, it can categorise them even when key words normally used for such searches are not present in the complaint. 

• The AI tool enables geographical analysis of complaints in a category and identifies whether it was adequately addressed by the office concerned.

• This is the first AI-based system developed to improve grievance redressal in the government. 

What is CPGRAMS?

• Centralized Public Grievance Redress And Monitoring System (CPGRAMS) is an online web-enabled system over NICNET developed by NIC, in association with Directorate of Public Grievances (DPG) and Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances (DARPG).

• CPGRAMS aims to enable submission of grievances by the aggrieved citizens from anywhere and anytime (24x7) basis to ministries/departments/organisations who scrutinize and take action for speedy and favorable redress of these grievances.

• Tracking grievances is also facilitated on this portal through the system generated unique registration number.

• National Informatics Centre (NIC) through its Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Network — NICNET, has institutional linkages across all the ministries/departments of the central government, state governments, Union Territories and district administrations of the country. NICNET is a satellite-based nationwide computer-communication network, that is a type of Wide Area Network (WAN).

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