• India
  • Mar 14

Rlys electrifies all broad gauge routes in UP, Uttarakhand

• Indian Railways has embarked upon an ambitious plan of electrification of its complete broad gauge network, which would not only result in a better fuel energy usage but also savings in precious foreign exchange.

• After completion of electrification in Uttar Pradesh, Indian Railways has achieved another milestone with the completion of electrification of all broad gauge routes in Uttarakhand.

• The existing broad gauge network of Uttarakhand is 347 route kilometres, which is now 100 per cent electrified. 

• This will result in 2.5 times lower line haul cost, heavier haulage capacity, increased sectional capacity, reduced operating and maintenance cost of electric loco. 

• Uttarakhand state’s territory falls in Northern and North Eastern Railway’s jurisdiction. Some of the major railway stations in Uttarakhand are Dehradun, Haridwar, Roorkee, Rishikesh, Kathgodam and Tanakpur. Some of these have religious importance and some are tourist attractions.

• Indian Railways is working in a mission mode to become the largest Green Railway in the world and is moving towards becoming a “net zero carbon emitter” before 2030.

• Railways have planned the electrification of broad gauge routes, which will facilitate the elimination of diesel traction resulting in a significant reduction in its carbon footprint and environmental pollution.

• In February, the Railways achieved a significant milestone by completing the electrification of all broad gauge routes in Uttar Pradesh with the completion of the Subhagpur-Pachperwa broad gauge route in North Eastern Railway.

• This will improve rail connectivity in the region and will improve the speed of trains in the region.

• Also, the Central Railways has achieved a significant milestone with 100 per cent electrification of its entire broad gauge network (3,825 kilometres).

• Electrified network of Indian Railways has been extended to 85 per cent.

• All routes on the broad gauge network have been planned to be electrified by December 2023.

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