• India
  • Sep 14

Govt launches Skill India Digital platform

Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan launched the Skill India Digital platform to bring all skilling initiatives under a single umbrella and provide skill development and entrepreneurial support to people. 

Skill India Digital

• Skill India Digital is a comprehensive digital platform aimed at synergising and transforming the skills, education, employment, and entrepreneurship landscape of India. 

• Skill India Digital is at the intersection of two of the most important components — Skill India and Digital India. 

• Driven by the vision to make skill development more innovative, accessible, and personalised in its embodiment, focusing on digital technology and Industry 4.0 skills, the new platform will be a breakthrough in accelerating skilled talent hiring, facilitating lifelong learning and career advancement. 

• The platform aligns with the vision articulated in the G20 framework for building Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) and the digital economy. 

• It is also a comprehensive information gateway for all government skilling and entrepreneurship initiatives — a go-to hub for citizens in pursuit of career advancement and lifelong learning. 

• The application can be downloaded on mobile phones and is available in multiple Indian languages.

How will it work?

• Skill India Digital aims to remove existing obstacles by offering an easy-to-use interface which is adaptable to various devices. This is ensuring that people from diverse backgrounds could access the platform effortlessly.

• In a country with many languages, Skill India Digital aims to bridge the gaps by supporting multiple Indian languages, fostering inclusivity and a diverse learning environment for all the users.

• A major breakthrough for secure access came with Aadhaar-based eKYC. This robust verification process is the foundation of Skill India Digital, ensuring only genuine participants benefit from its offerings. 

• In the current digital landscape, Skill India Digital has pioneered a ground-breaking approach to showcasing individual’s skills and qualifications. This innovation comes in the form of Digitally Verified Credential, a crucial component that has fundamentally transformed the way qualifications are exhibited and recognised.

• Skill India Digital has harnessed the power of digital technology to offer a solution that is secure, tamper-proof, and verifiable. At its core, the Digitally Verified Credential empowers users to confidently present their qualifications, experiences and certifications in a digital format that carries an inherent layer of authenticity.

• Skill India Digital has extended this transformative concept through the introduction of digital CVs via personalised QR codes. With a simple scan, potential employers or partners can access a digital portfolio summarising an individual’s skills, qualifications, experiences, and achievements. 

• In the realm of Skill India Digital, the integration of timely updates has evolved into an indispensable aspect of users’ experiences. 

• One of the key strengths of Skill India Digital lies in its comprehensive approach to training and skill development. The platform is designed to encompass all training programs initiated by both central and state governments, as well as various departments. 

• By integrating government training programmes into Skill India Digital, the platform endeavors to create a unified and centralised hub for skill development initiatives. This approach is rooted in the recognition that various government entities are actively involved in fostering skill enhancement across diverse sectors and regions.

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