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  • Nov 18

Coconut Development Board launches call centre to help farmers

• The Coconut Development Board (CDB) has launched ‘Hello Naariyal’ Friends of Coconut Trees (FoCT) call centre facility to help farmers with harvesting and other plant management practices.

• The call centre functions from the headquarters of the Board in Kochi. 

• The initiative will not only benefit coconut growers of Kerala, but will also extend its service to the traditional coconut-growing states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka through the respective unit offices of the Board.

• Services of FoCT will be available at Block Panchayat level for carrying out activities related to coconut cultivation, including coconut tree climbing, plant protection, harvesting, seed nut procurement, nursery management, etc. 

Coconut Development Board

• Coconut Development Board (CDB) is a statutory body established by the government of India by an Act of Parliament (Coconut Development Board Act 1979) and came into existence in January 1981.

• It functions under the ministry of agriculture. 

• With its multidimensional activities, it has contributed in doubling the area and productivity under coconut in the country thereby increasing the production to more than threefold since its inception. 

• Its headquarters is situated at Kochi. There are regional offices in Bengaluru, Chennai, Guwahati and Patna. 

Functions of the Board:

• Adopting measures for the development of coconut industry.

• Imparting technical advice to those engaged in coconut cultivation and industry.

• Providing financial and other assistance for the expansion of area under coconut.

• Encouraging adoption of modern technologies for processing of coconut and its products.

• Adopting measures to get incentive prices for coconut and its products.

• Recommending measures for improving marketing of coconut and its products.

• Recommending measures for regulating imports and exports of coconut and its products.

• Fixing grades, specifications and standards for coconut and its products.

• Financing suitable schemes to increase the production of coconut and to improve the quality and yield of coconut.

• Assisting, encouraging, promoting and financing agricultural, technological, industrial or economic research on coconut and its products.

• Collecting statistics on coconut and its products and publishing them.

• Undertaking publicity activities and publishing books and periodicals on coconut and its products.

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